Why Use Steam Hairsetters Over Electric Rollers?


Did you know that steam hair setters are still around? The last time I remember using a steam hair setter was, well come to think of it I don’t really want to tell you how long ago that was. Believe it or not, steam hair setters or steam hot rollers, as some of us still call them, are prevalent in the marketplace. Steam hair rollers have actually been deemed to be better for certain hair styles than the electric rollers that don’t have the steam element.

For those of you who are not familiar with the steam hair setters, they are used in the identical manner as the non-steam hair setters, with the only difference being that you add cold water to a pre-determined fill line on the tank of the hair setter unit. You then plug the unit in and wait for it to heat up. After about 30 seconds or so, the steam starts to form and this is when you place the rollers on the spindles and wait for the steam to penetrate the roller. This usually takes only about 10 to 15 seconds. Once the curlers have absorbed the steam you proceed to roll up your hair using the clips that come with the particular unit. Leave the curlers in your hair for approximately ten minutes and then remove. You will probably have to experiment some to see exactly how long it takes to form the curl that you want based on the thickness and texture of your hair. Once the curlers have been removed let your hair cool before styling.

One of the benefits of using today’s steam hair rollers is that ionic technology has been introduced to this hair styling tool. What this means for you is that the rollers are infused with the maximum number of ions to create strong, long-lasting curls. This process helps condition, soften, and make your hair look shinier, while adding volume and reducing frizz. Today’s steam curlers also help with holding the style longer as well as working better for people that have difficult to curl hair. The gentle steam allows the rollers to be used over and over without damaging the hair. As with most hair setters, whether they are steam or not, the curler sizes vary by the unit size and most come in travel size units as well.

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