Tips For Brushing Your Hair


Did you ever think that there are actually do’s and don’ts to brushing your hair? Well, in fact there are, and when it is so important that we do what we can to keep our hair looking healthy and attractive, I thought it would be newsworthy to share some tidbits of information with you.

Most of us have always been told to comb our hair after shampooing rather than brushing. Several celebrity hairstylists are now saying that it is actually better to brush. While I might beg to differ when it comes to certain combs that have been specifically designed for detangling freshly washed hair, I can agree that a brush that is a mix of natural boar and nylon bristles has more flexibility and will “give” when it’s time to brush out the tangles after shampooing. One such brush that I would recommend is the Cricket Smoothing brush. This brush is a great boar/nylon mixed bristle brush that is known for promoting shine. The cushioned oval pad is soft on the scalp, while the flared bristle pattern shapes and styles. This brush is designed with a sleek, ergonomically correct handle. So, you could easily look at this as an all-around type brush.

If you have long hair, what is the best brush to use? Most stylists will recommend that a hair brush that has balls on the tips is best because these little balls actually keep the hair from splitting and help to prevent your scalp from being sore due to the tugging that would be happening if you weren’t using a ball-tipped brush. Once again, Cricket is a good source for these ball-tipped type brushes. The Cricket Cushion Brush #220 is ideal for heavy, thick and/or curly hair. The metal bristles easily penetrate the hair.

What is the best type of brush to use when you are blow drying your hair? The Spornette hairbrush comes to mind with this question because from an economical and well constructed brush for the money, their thermal styling brushes are some of the best in the marketplace. Of course, there are many to choose from and it depends on your hair type, length, and the type of style you are going for as to which one to choose. One of my personal favorites is the Spornette Ovation Round Thermal Styling brush. This brush has boar bristles that have tourmaline enhanced conditioning nylon. The vents on this brush provide for quicker drying and styling.

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