Styling Your Bangs


Bangs go in and out of style and if you are skeptical about chopping off any length from your hair, perhaps just getting some bangs might be all you need for a hairstyle transformation. As we know, bangs come in all lengths and styles and one certainly has much to choose from.

So now that I have suggested that all you might need is adding bangs, what is the best way to style them and what is the proper care?

First and foremost, I recommend that you have your bangs professionally cut. The reason I say this is that there are so many things one must consider before starting to style them. Each person’s hair type is unique and the manner in which your hair grows on your head is an important factor in how the bangs should be cut. In terms of the length there are things to consider such as shrinkage after the hair is dried. This definitely pertains to hair that is naturally curly or wavy. Even if you don’t have curly or wavy hair, your hair will shrink up when dried and again depending on the way it grows from the scalp, you might have a cowlick that needs to be addressed.

Ok, you have washed your hair and you are ready to blow it dry. When styling bangs it is usually best to dry the rest of your hair and save the bangs for last. You will want your bangs to be damp so if they have dried while the rest of your hair was blown dry, spray some water on the bangs. The next step is to apply haircare products such as an extra or super hold gel. Now you need a small round brush so that you can dry your bangs from the roots to the ends. Dry upward and forward until the bangs are dry. Make sure that you keep the brush moving while you are drying and don’t spend all your time on one section. You don’t want to end up with dried out looking bangs. The end result for this drying technique is that your bangs will have that curved look that can be seen from the side of your face. This bang style is good for those of us who have large noses and want to have the attention drawn away from this. Keep the brush moving while drying and don’t concentrate on one area too long. Doing so can make your hair look dried out and damaged.

What about having your bangs styled to one side? Again, starting with damp hair, apply the gel and then taking your hairdryer, blow dry the bangs to one side using a paddle brush.

Or, what about if your bangs are a little longer and you want to create a somewhat more stylish bang that has a wavy curled back look? Once again make sure your bangs are damp and apply that styling gel or whatever product you choose. Place your paddle brush on the top of your head right behind your bangs and slowly blow dry your bangs from the roots to the ends in a backwards motion. Sometime using hair straighteners becomes necessary if you are having some difficulty getting the hold you want. Be sure to use the flat iron on dry hair only unless you have a wet to dry flat iron.

When using flat irons to aid in styling your bangs, I recommend using a mini flat iron which is actually a 1/2 inch plate size. This enables you to get as close to the roots as possible and there is less possibility of burning yourself while styling.

Lastly, if you are looking for a blunt bangs look, set your straightener on a medium heat setting and start as close to the root as you feel you can. Quickly move the straightener to the ends of your hair. Take a fine-tooth comb and comb your hair into place.

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