Styler Dryers Are Great For Straightening Hair


First of all how many of you know what a styler hair dryer is? There are several companies that make these but you don’t always hear alot about them.

The styler hair dryer is not your typical looking dryer. It was designed to use with attachments that come with the dryer. These attachments usually include a fine tooth comb, a wide tooth comb and a finishing brush. Sometimes there are a couple of different types of finishing brushes that are included. One of them has bristles that are set far apart and the other looks like a regular square shaped brush. These interchangeable parts are attached to the side of the dryer where the airflow of the dryer blows through the attachment onto your hair.

There is a definite population of individuals who have curly hair and like to wear it straight. They prefer to not use flat irons and feel that the only way to properly manage their curl is to use a styler dryer. Of course, each person has their own way of straightening or styling their hair with this dryer, but as a general rule, the following steps can be used. Also, I suggest putting the on/off control on the outside of the handle, rather than inside, as someone like me, who uses the brush attachment to straighten my hair when wet, uses it underhand. Thus I keep hitting the control and shutting the unit off accidently. If the brush would stay on better, I’d rate the unit a 5.

  1. Wash and condition your hair and then towel dry by blotting. Comb through your hair using a detangling comb or brush.
  2. Apply either a leave-in conditioner or styling cream to the ends of your hair.
  3. Attach the finishing brush to the dryer and start drying your hair in sections. The heat setting and speed setting will depend on the density of your hair and how quickly you want to dry your hair.
  4. After each section of hair is dry it is best to clip it off to the side so it is easier to move to the next section.
  5. For increased volume lift your hair up and brush from underneath with the dryer.
  6. Once your hair is completely dry and styled, apply your favorite anti-frizz serum.

Belson Gold ‘N Hot Hair Dryers are one of several manufacturers of a styler dryer. Most of these dryers can be found with either 1600 watts or 1875 watts. Some are dual voltage and can be used internationally.

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