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Time always seems to be something that most of us don’t have enough of. It seems like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything and that includes styling our hair. The following are just a few tips on some shortcuts that I have uncovered and wanted to pass along. Allure magazine frequently provides some very helpful tips for the chi hair straightener. Their issue featured “13 Hairstyling Shortcuts” and these are some of the tips that I have found to be very helpful and relevant using haircare products and hair tools that you already have and use on a regular basis.

Revitalizing Bounce Back Into Your Hair

Your hairstyle has lost its bounce because your hair has fallen and lacks pizazz. If your hair is at least neck length or longer, all it takes is two simple steps to get that lightness and buoyancy back to your hair. First plug in your large barrel curling iron. Flip your head over and spray your hair with a light-hold hair spray. Flip your head back to the upright position and taking a large section of hair (it should only take six to ten sections of your hair to do) and wrap the section around the curling iron barrel. Hold for 10 to 15 seconds or slightly longer if curl isn’t taking. Once you have curled each section, run your fingers through the hair and shake it. If you want extra fluffiness, you will need to brush out the curls after they have cooled.

Fighting Frizz Fast (After Washing Hair)

One of the most effective ways to quickly get rid of frizz is to use a blow dryer. When your hair is not quite dry, take skinny sections of the outer layers of your hair and wrap each one around a large round hair brush. Using the high heat option, blow-dry with the concentrator attachment. If your hair is still somewhat frizzy, take a dime-size amount of hair serum (I use Potions International Super Serum) and rub it between your palms. Next run your palms over the outer layer of your hair and if necessary follow with a flat iron.

Fixing Wacked Out Bangs

Bangs have a way of sometimes doing their own thing. To get them back to looking like bangs and not wingdings, wet them at the roots. Pull on the bangs with your fingers as you are drying them with your hair dryer. Hair stylist Orlando Pita tugs the bangs from left to right and then right to left. For those of us who have cowlicks or other areas that create a problem, Mr. Pita says “make sure the roots are dried first in the direction you want the bangs to end up. Then continue to dry the ends with a small round brush.” Remember to point the dryer down so as to avoid creating a dorky looking curl.

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