Hair Rollers Or A Round Styling Brush: Shortcuts To Achieve Volume


Are you in a hurry to get somewhere and your hair needs a quick lift for volume? There are actually a couple of ways that this can be achieved by simply using some hair rollers or a round styling brush. Whatever sounds like something you’d like to try will obviously hinge on exactly how much time you have to spend on your hair.

When I mention hair rollers, I’m sure some of you are asking if I mean hot rollers or curlers? Actually, either one will work. And, yes, there are still hair rollers or curlers (the non-electric kind) out there for purchase. They may not be as accessible as they once were, but they are there. Or, better yet, look way back in your linen cupboard and you just might find some that got stuck back there from several years back. That is exactly where I found mine.

If you go hair rollers/curlers route, the size you will want to use will depend on the length of your hair. However, typically the medium to large or jumbo size will work for most lengths of hair. All you need to do is section off the sections of hair where you want volume and then use the curlers in those sections only. Typically this applies to just the crown area of your head. After all of the curlers have been put in your hair, spray the strands of hair with an ultra-hold hair spray. Keep the curlers in for at least 10 minutes and then remove them carefully from your hair. As you take the curlers out you should see that the hair has taken the curl and already looks like it has more volume. Tip your head over and carefully run your fingers through your hair. Bring you head back to the upright position and brush or use a comb with a pik to straighten out any areas of your hair that may need some restyling. We don’t want to forget our goal here and that is volume – so, try to do a little as possible to your hair because sometimes messy is good and it contributes to that voluminous look. Give your hair one last shot of hair spray and you are on your way.

What if you don’t have any hair rollers and all you have are hot rollers? This can also work to your advantage because in my opinion using hot rollers can be efficient and time saving in just about any situation. In this scenario just heat your rollers as you usually would and then roll only those sections of your hair where the volume is needed. If you have a spray-in quick drying gel I would recommend spritzing each section of hair before rolling it.

Lastly, if you are really in a hurry, the fastest way to give that limp head of hair some vitality is using a hair dryer, round brush, and a light-hold hair spray. This process will only take a few seconds. Tip your head over and taking a round styling brush (size will depend on hair length) roll large sections of your hair at the roots in the opposite direction of your part while blasting your hair dryer. Your hair will look thicker but may not last. For longer lasting volume, spritz the light hold hair spray on your roots while hitting them with your hairdryer.

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