Detangling Long, Thick, or Curly Hair


Tangles in hair is always a problem, but it seems even more so for those of us who have long, thick, or curly hair. Once you have washed your hair, applied your conditioner, there still seems to be a tangled mess.

There are many methods one can use to detangle their hair, and there are also styling combs or detangling combs that can work as well. There are also a few helpful hints to consider making the process of detangling your comb a successful one as well as to prevent them in the first place.

Before washing your hair be sure to brush through your hair thoroughly, or if you don’t use a brush use whatever tool you use to glide through your hair, i.e. hair pik, etc. so that you can get any loose hairs Remember that it is never good to brush through your hair when it is wet. Doing this will damage the hair.

When washing your hair, use a detangling hair care product or deep conditioner that has detangling ingredients after you have completed the shampoo. Sometimes detangling hair care products are the type that you spray on after you have shampooed and conditioned your hair. Shop around to find the right type for your particular hair type. There are many options available and there is the right one for you The next step is to run your fingers through your hair to help to try and separate some of the tangled hair, however, be careful as to not yank or pull your fingers through to the point of tearing your hair. This is when the wide tooth detangling comb comes into play.

Take one section of your hair at a time and with the wide tooth comb start combing in a downward motion through the section from the tip of the hair, working your way up to the roots of your hair. If your hair is dry and wetting your hair is not an option, try rubbing a few drops of hair serum or shine serum in your hands and then run your hands through your hair. In most cases the serum will help you to detangle your hair with a comb.

Brush Irons Are Still Around

I was going through the cupboard under my bathroom sink recently as it seemed to be getting more and more cluttered. When I finally reached the back of the cupboard I found an old brush iron tucked in the corner with the cord wrapped around it. It looked ancient and if I had to guess, it had to be at least 10 to 15 years old. In fact, when I looked at the manufacturer I didn’t even recognize the name. To satisfy my curiosity I plugged it in and I couldn’t believe that it still worked. Then I tried to remember why I stopped using it and that set me hunting on the internet to see if brush irons are still being sold.

Yes, brush irons still exist and one of the more popular brands being sold is made by Helen of Troy and Hot Tools. For those of you who have never tried one, let me tell you that this hair styling tool was a life saver for me. I never could get the hang of using the curling iron. For whatever reason I kept getting creases in my hair and finally gave up. I happened to be at a beauty supply store one day and was complaining to the sales clerk about my curling iron issues when she asked if I had ever tried a brush iron. She demonstrated the use of one and that was all she wrote. I was sold and used that appliance for years.

The nice thing about a brush iron is that after you dry your hair, you just curl each section of your hair around the brush iron just as you would if you were using a curling iron. The only difference for me was that I was ending up with the style I wanted and not a head full of creases. Brush irons are so easy to use and take no time at all. So, if you are looking for something that is extremely affordable and easy to use, the brush iron may be just right for you. It comes in an assortment of sizes and they are so relatively inexpensive, you may just want to buy a couple in different sizes to use for different styles.

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