Creating Volume With A Diffuser


Whoever created diffusers for hair dryers must be a genius. What did the general public or even hair stylists do before they appeared in the marketplace? Well, not to worry, because whatever people did before, is no longer an issue now. There are a multitude of hair diffusers to choose from and the only issue now is what type to use.

Gone are the days of hair plastered to the head or uniform and very neat hair styles. It is all about adding some oomph and height to the hair. This can all be accomplished with the use of a diffuser. Many have thought that a diffuser was only used for people who have naturally curly hair or people with perms who did not want to blow out their curls while drying their hair. Well, this is no longer the case as those of us who have straight, wavy, or even fine hair can benefit from the diffuser to give our hair both body and volume.

So exactly how does a diffuser work? Think of the diffuser as an air distributor that funnels the heat from the hair dryer onto your hair and softens the airflow that the hairdryer has. The hair diffuser minimizes the damage that can be caused due to the management of the heat. While it may actually take a little longer to dry your hair and style it, it is well worth the additional time based on the resulting healthier hair or cutting back on any damage that your hair may already have. Ok, we have established how a diffuser works, but how does one achieve the volume and body that a diffuser is supposed to provide? It is actually a very simple process.

To dry and style your hair with a diffuser you need to start at the root of your hair. Take a section of your hair and using a circular motion start drying your hair. Continue the same process as you work your way down to the tip of your hair. You will find that as your hair dries the heat from the diffuser is lifting the roots of your hair from your scalp resulting in fuller looking hair.

To achieve extra added volume you will need to bend your head over and pull the hair from the top of your head towards the front of your face. Work from the roots out using the same process as previously described. This works particularly well for those of us who have fine hair.

As to the type of diffuser one should use, becomes a personal preference. If you want the pleasure of your head being massaged while drying your hair, then the diffusers with the flexible fingers are the way to go. If massaging your head is not important, then there are a number of diffusers that do not come with the fingers. Many hair dryers come with diffusers, however, there are many that don’t. When shopping for one, be sure that you have the right size diameter on the barrel of the dryer so that it will accurately match up and fit. There are many in the marketplace that provide adjustable sizes and some are very specific to certain hair dryer brands or types.

To achieve the ultimate hairstyle that you are going for, it will still be necessary for hair product to be used. Whether you put it on before drying your hair, or after, getting the style to hold is what is important.

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