Creating New Hair Styles With 3-Barrel Wavers


Are you tired of the straight sleeky looking hair style and are you ready to try something new? With the variety of new and not-so-new hair styling tools available, one doesn’t have to do anything permanent or semi-permanent such as getting a perm in their hair. 3 barrel wavers are just one of the more innovative tools available that provide those of us with enough hair to use one, some fun, trendy, and even retro looking styles. The hairstyles you can create will look great on all ages from children to seniors and it doesn’t matter if your hair is short or long.

Triple barrel wavers can be used to create several different styles or if you are just looking to create some volume you can use the waver at the scalp just under the top section of your hair. Unless you are using the newer deep wavers, the 3 barrel waver will provide you with some soft horizontal waves that look natural and inviting. Some call the affect that the waver leaves an “S” wave, and others just call the look retro from the 1940’s. Whatever you want to call it, you can mix up the uses and angles that you are using the waver and create and design some styles all your own. But for the basic use of a 3 barrel waver, follow’s instructions below:

  1. Wash and dry your hair as you normally would.
  2. Starting at the top of the head, use horseshoe sections around the top of your head, pre-section the hair all the way down to the hairline.
  3. Begin as near to the scalp as possible and place a 1/2 inch section of hair in the iron clamp and hold it for 5 seconds.
  4. Release the hair and move the iron down the section of hair equal to the width of the iron.
  5. Move to the back section keeping the top section of hair secure with a hair clip.
  6. Release the next pre-sectioned hair and repeat.
  7. Continue in this fashion all the way up the head to the top.
  8. Finish by releasing the last section and repeating steps 3 through 5.

If you want a softer look once you have completed the waving process, simply break up the waves by running your fingers through them.

The previous instructions will give you a headful of extremely wavy hair. However, if you are looking for that messy, sultry, hot look, then follow the step by step instructions below:

  1. Wash and dry your hair as you normally would.
  2. Part your hair into sections.
  3. Take the bottom sections of your hair and curl each bottom section in the waver. Apply some hairspray after each curl to hold it in place.
  4. The next section up from the bottom you are going to only use the waver halfway down from the roots so that you are leaving the ends of these sections straight. Again, apply the hairspray.
  5. The top layer sections of hair should be waved from the roots to the ends of the hair. However, in each of these sections leave out some occasional strands to avoid too much poof and giving it that messy look. Apply hairspray to this layer of hair as well.
  6. For the finished product, lean your head over and fluff your hair a bit and then bring your head back upright. If you are satisfied with the look, apply one last layer of hairspray and you are done.

It is always important when doing any styling of hair with hot tools, to be sure to use some protective hair care product prior to styling. Whether it is a serum, a spray, or whatever form it comes in, either apply it to the entire head of hair or by section as you use the hair styling tool.

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