3 quick and easy hairstyles for straight hair to use every day


How can we enhance straight hair, especially when it is hot and maybe humidity spoils their shine? Well, instinct would tell us to leave them like this, light in the wind, but we know it’s not always possible, maybe because they fall out in front of your eyes at work or because you can’t wash them every day and the day-after-hair is always a disaster, let alone in the summer. Choose the best hot comb here https://mystraightener.com/hot-comb/.

We looked at fashion shows, red carpets of our favorite celebrities and also took a look in the streets to collect ideas: scrolling through the article you will find 3 proposals for hairstyles for straight hair that we think is perfect, even for those who have little time to get organized in the morning.

The super high ponytail for pop star straight hair

Do you know Gwen Stefani and Ariana Grande’s super tight ponytail? Here we are referring to that look. A very high ponytail is ideal for those with straight and long hair: depending on how much you want the part of the hair on the head to be pulled, you will get a pop star effect in the spotlight or not, but it will always be a very elegant choice and sober.

To achieve this look you obviously need a secure-hold elastic, a comb to collect all the hair well, and hairspray to fix the hairstyle; the extra touch to exploit for a silky-smooth ponytail is to pass the straightening brush (for example our My Pro-Magic Straight Brush ) before collecting the hair and brushing it again afterward, in order to have straight hair that it doesn’t get smoother.

The perfect semi-crop for a romantic look

If, on the other hand, you do not have the long hair that the ponytail requires, you can opt for a semi-collected: take the locks that frame your face, brush them well to collect them behind your head; to have your hair perfectly in order, use the My Pro-Magic Straight Brush. Then use the accessory you like the most, from colored rubber bands to hairpins that disappear in the hair, up to mega flashy clips. It is a very bon ton hairstyle and you will see that it gives a romantic look to your hair: it will be like wearing your hair behind your ears, without the boredom of having to do it continuously.

Go with accessories for a special touch

Maybe you didn’t know it, but clothespins are back on the catwalks and never go away and, like them, lots of accessories we thought we had left in the 90s. With straight hair, it is easy to indulge in creating particular hairstyles without too much effort. You can fix the hair on the side using a jewel pin instead of the usual clips: in this case, the decoration will be the focal point of the look. The beauty is that this idea applies to those with long or short hair. Who doesn’t remember those rubber bands covered in dark velvet? Here, the very ones you used in high school are back in fashion, even in the simplest form of ribbon to tie. You can use them for a soft low ponytail by transforming an anonymous choice into a chic hairstyle.

The professional straightening brush My Pro-Magic Straight Brush with heated external sides will help you to have straight hair that is smoother: with a simple gesture like combing, you will get excellent results even on curly or frizzy hair.

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